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LimeLight get the look

Get the Look:

Shinto 4, CC4, Blushing 5, Grace Lip

LimeLight Vegan brushes
Every job requires the right tools. A makeup bag is not complete without the following brushes:
1) All Over Powder Brush #2
2) Foundation Brush #4
3) Concealer Brush #6
4) Large Shadow Brush #7
5) Bold Lip Brush #12
6) Brow Brush #14

 *Some brushes not shown

Line it Up

The starting point for any great lip... Keeps your lip color/stick from bleeding.

It's All About the Base

Finding the right foundation can be difficult and it can make or break your desired look.

Frame It

Liner is the frame work for a perfect look... This universal pen can do it all.

Color it In

The cornerstone to the perfect lip... Wearing the right color can completely transform you.

Conceal the Real

This camouflage is an absolute must for every beauty bag... You will look Flawless!

Lash Out

Need  lashes? This is the product for you, just apply and watch them grow...

Gloss it Over

And the Icing on the Cake... Choosing the correct gloss completes the Perfect Pucker.

Get Cheeky

Give those cheeks some excitement with these great colors... It's time to start Blushing!

Finish Up

All great looks need to be finished off... This gem is a staple in Professional Artists kits.